The Dreams That Come At Night…

Last night, I had a dream that brought me clear back to high school. In this dream, I was spending time with friends who didn’t bother with drama. We were kids who just wanted to have fun. When we were mad at each other, we talked about it, got over it, and moved on – as friends.

I caught myself wishing that things were that simple today. Wishing we still had the movie nights, that no one held grudges, that our groups were still together. Although I love my life now, to no end, and although I do not wish to go back to high school, I was dreaming about that feeling. Dreaming about what it would be like if drama hadn’t interrupted the world we had back then.

Waking from this dream, I remembered that there are those who, once they discover drama, thrive on it. And from there, there’s no turning back… they’re changed. Then, for another quick second I pictured the awkwardness of the inevitable 10 year reunion… And I laughed at myself.

Who will we be then? And, if the grudge still holds after 3 years, will it still be there after 10?


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