Today I spent my day at home, quite a bit under the weather. There’s nothing that bugs me more than a day in bed, filled with nothingness when you know there’s so much to be done at work.

I kept myself busy doing homework and reading an autobiography, but cannot wait to get back to work tomorrow morning.

With that said, I was thinking about my goals on a different level today. I noticed that, after scheduling my goals in my planner, I’ve been more likely to accomplish them in the specific time frame. I realized just how important deadlines are when it comes to yourself.

When I began working my current job, I was taught about deadlines and pushed myself to meet those deadlines with everything I had. However, it seems as though the deadlines that are the most important to me are getting a tad bit left behind – not because of my job – but because I seem to be more lenient with my own goals.

I’m curious. Our goals, even the most important ones, are often set aside because we are relying just on ourselves. When you’re just relying on yourself for something, you’re more likely to put it off. This is a result with so many things; weight loss, car oil changes, cleaning your room, working your own business, etc.

>> Somehow, this inspires me to push myself further. <<

Hopefully it does the same for you. Don’t forget about your goals and how important they are to YOU. Spend some time on yourself every once in a while!


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