40 Reasons To Have A Bucket List

Do you have a bucket list? Have you ever considered creating one? Here are 40 reasons why you should have a list. Be prepared to be shocked about some, though, trust me, they are very easy for me to prove.

1. You’ll get to know yourself better.
2. It belongs to you & you alone.
3. It’s your recipe for your own life.
4. It’s something to turn to when you feel like you have nothing else.
5. You can revise & re-revise it whenever you want, no explanations needed.
6. It can connect you to great things that you’ve never imagined.
7. If you have a bucket list, it can help you when you need a new direction.
8. You’ll never be bored.
9. It’s the key to your very own happiness.
10. It will always be there as a reminder that you matter.
11. It will always be there calling your name.
12. It will always have your back.
13. You’ll grow into the person you’ve always wanted to be.
14. It will boost your confidence.
15. When you have a bucket list, it’s limitless.
16. You’ll learn incredible things.
17. You’ll meet amazing people.
18. It can help you make life-changing decisions.
19. It will completely change your life – for the better.
20. You’re challenging yourself.
21. You’re challenging others… Really! You are!
22. You’ll earn more respect for yourself.
23. You’ll earn respect from others (some, not all).
24. Your life dreams will never be forgotten… they’re now all written down!
25. When you feel down, it’s sure to bring you back up.
26. It’s an outline of your future.
27. It helps you to live in the moment.
28. It can rejuvenate your soul.
29. It can lessen the bumps on an uneven road.
30. It will help with your imagination.
31. You’ll have something to believe in again.
32. It has everything looking more vibrant.
33. It will open your eyes to more opportunities.
34. It can change your mind.
35. You’ll become more optimistic.
36. You’ll realize that regret comes from the things you DON’T do.
37. You’ll discover your greatest passions in life.
38. You’ll know what is & isn’t worth your time.
39. It will have you more thankful about what you do have…
40. … & fighting like hell for everything you need in your life.

Create a bucket list today.
It doesn’t hurt a single soul & it can give us hope when we need it most. What do you have to lose?