3…2…1… What A Year!

One of my favorite parts about New Years is remembering everything that I’ve learned and accomplished this year. I then go over my goal list, adding and/or removing things that are no longer applicable.

While looking back, you’d be surprised what you might think about. Perhaps a friend of yours went to Machu Picchu and you’ve decided to add it to your list, or maybe that tattoo you were planning on getting with your now ex boyfriend isn’t such a good idea for 2012. But don’t forget to think about the things that you really worked through – Newly single? Now’s the time to find yourself, to be independent. New baby? That’s a really big deal, maybe there are a few goals as a mother or father that you would like to accomplish. Either way, whatever the goals are, it’s important to allow your goal list to grow with you.

There are quite a few things that I’ve learned this year; the most important ones being that all relationships take work, there is a balance between living life for you and living with your significant other, people can and do change, and that you should try (almost) everything at least once. 🙂

Happy New Year!

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