29 Items For Your Secret Bucket List

I know I’m not the only one who has secret bucket list items! You know… the ones that you don’t share publicly? The ones that are either slightly inappropriate… or more so… the ones that your parents would probably be disappointed in you for even slightly considering?

We all want to live life to the fullest, & sometimes that means setting bucket list items that are out of character for ourselves; things that we never would have even begun to consider as a goodie-two-shoes in high school.

Secret lists are fun, daring, bold & they allow us to learn things about ourselves that we quite possibly may have never ever known. These are the items that rock our world, change us forever, leave us feeling fearless & have us cherishing the memory – good or bad.

They say that, in the end, it’s the things that you didn’t do that you will regret most… I believe with all of my heart that this is true, so why not dare yourself to truly live?! Aside from sexual encounters in awkward places, here are 29 Items to Consider for Your Secret Bucket List.

1. Throw A Drink In Someone’s Face
Is there someone out there who’s not ALWAYS wanted to do this?
2. Go Naked For An Entire Day
What?! It’s called a personal day…
3. Get A Secret Tattoo
On the bottom of my foot please.
4. Write A Dirty Novel
E.L. James made a KILLING, why not you?
5. Whistle At Someone On The Street
So innocent, but so bold!
6. Have A ‘Me’ Food Day – And NOT Feel Bad About It
Small Pizza Factory Pizza, Large Breadsticks & where the hell are my Cheetos?!
7. Spend An Entire Day Watching Movies
The ultimate in relaxation. Maybe this should combo with the above?
8. Go Skinny Dipping
Let’s see what all the hype is about…
9. Unintentionally Get Fired
It’s Okay! Your world won’t end & you won’t die from embarrassment.
10. Ask For A Raise
YES! Go Get It! Because you deserve it & because you can.
11. Wear A Nighty
Because you deserve to feel sexy!
12. Own A Vibrator
Now you’re really living on the edge.
13. Do A Body Shot
Some people didn’t experience this in college.
14. Go To A Strip Club
Why so popular? I still don’t know.
15. Write A Breakup Song
Bring out your inner Taylor Swift!
16. Have A Boudoir Photo Shoot
They won’t see it coming.
17. Pierce Your Belly Button
Another small way to feel sexy.
18. Sneak Into A Movie
Do you have the guts it takes to pull something like this off?
19. Get Your Heart Broken
You know it will change you in ways you never thought possible.
20. Pull An All-Nighter
Falling asleep later that morning DOESN’T COUNT!
21. Crash A Party
Just to see if anyone would notice…
22. Sneak Into A Game or Concert
Again, to see if anyone would notice…
23. Go To A Sex Store
Because you’re afraid of it… or rather, what other people would think.
24. Take A Personal Day
Whether from work or school (for no reason), it’s time for a break!
25. Get My Palm Read
Just to see what happens. Maybe it is real… maybe it could be?
26. See A UFO or a Ghost or both
Sad that ‘they’ consider this crazy. Jeeez Haha
27. Belong To A Secret Society
Shhhh. It’s a secret within a secret!
28. Kiss A Complete Stranger
What? It works in the movies… Mayyyybe check for a wedding ring first.
29. Protest Something
That you actually proudly BELIEVE in.

Having fun yet?