25 Things For Your Lazy Bucket List

So, you’ve been working your ass off & you’re starting to think… maybe I need a little break. Yes! Definitely! Do it! Power to the working people who just want a damn break! Here is a lazy bucket list for those of you who are looking to incorporate some much deserved down time in with your goals. Go crazy! After all, it is lazy Sunday… just don’t forget your Mom, okay? Because today is also Mother’s Day.

1. Stay In Bed Alllll Dayyyy Loooong
2. Don’t Shower
3. Go Barefoot For A Day (It’s On My List Too)
4. Don’t Speak To Anyone… At All.
5. Spend The Day Watching Movies At The Local Theater
6. Read Your Favorite Books All Day (Hunger Games, Anyone?)
7. Enter Contests Online All Day
8. Relax On The Beach For A Full Day
9. Binge Watch A New Netflix Hit
10. Spend The Day Reading In A Hammock
11. Go Without Makeup For A Day
12. Spend The Day On A Bus
13. Take A Very Long Bath
14. Spend The Day At The Spa
15. Listen To Your Favorite Podcast For The Day (Hello JohnJay&Rich!)
16. Have A Board Game Day With Your Friends
17. Practice Meditation For A Day
18. Day Dream For A Full Day
19. Skype Or Call Your Best Friend & Spend The Day Together
20. Stare Up At The Clouds, Like You Did As A Kid
21. Go Camping… In The Back Yard
22. Do Some Journaling
23. Fall Asleep In The Hammock or On The Trampoline
24. Watch The Sunrise & Sunset In The Same Day
25. Spend The Full Day In Your Pajamas

BONUS: Turn Off Your Cell Phone & Walk Away (Because You Can.)

Have fun being lazy, you couch potato you!
Seriously, though, your bucket list isn’t just about work & no fun people.

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