20 Experiences That Changed My Life

After listing all of the things I learned these past five years, I thought I would mention 21 experiences, in no particular order, that have truly changed my life these past few years. I want others to learn from my experiences if they can & to remember that the difficult times you experience change you for the good – & those should certainly be celebrated. There will be experiences & people that bring you down, you’ve just got to know how to stand your ground & live life your way.

  1. Discovering that changing my mind does not mean letting myself down.
  2. Purchasing notebooks to poor my heart into.
  3. Turning my goal list into a website dedicated to others.
  4. Moving to Nashville, Tennessee.
  5. Working my way out of depression after moving home.
  6. Traveling to Hawaii.
  7. Seeing fireflies for the first time.
  8. Realizing running from problems can only keep you from them so long.
  9. Standing up for myself.
  10. Finding a new form of independence three times in one month.
  11. Coming to the conclusion that there are some people you cannot help.
  12. Being thankful for the knowledge this person unknowingly gave me.
  13. Looking for something, only to find it after I stopped looking.
  14. Watching for shooting stars.
  15. Considering my wish when all I’ve ever wanted is laying next to me.
  16. Creating my own world on the internet.
  17. Getting back up & entering a singing contest.
  18. Bonding with my amazingly supportive family.
  19. Moving in with the love of my life.
  20. Helping transform my home into the place of my dreams.