16 Reasons You’re Not Happy At This Very Moment

If you’re reading this, it means there is a part of you that’s not happy; not completely satisfied with the life that you’re living. Life is too short for being unhappy, so let’s dig deep, figure out what’s really going on & MOVE.

1. You’re In A Career You Cannot Stand
One question – WHY? Why are you spending your days (yes – 8 WHOLE hours each day) in a job that you are not happy in? And while you may need to provide for your family, what’s stopping you from searching for more? What’s keeping you from doing that small side job that you love… that could amount to so much more down the road?

2. You’re Not Enjoying Your Greatest Passions
Writing this blog is one of my greatest passions – &, aside from this blog, I’ve only posted twice this year! Yeah, I’ve been busy, but it’s a wonder why I’ve been feeling like there’s a little part of me missing. So, here I am, pushing & pushing to get that feeling of worth back. And it’s all because I was putting one of the things that I love most in life on the back burner. Don’t do that!! Find the time, do the work. Not only will it pay off, but it will keep you feeling even the smallest doses of satisfaction & pride. (A little goes a looooong way!)

3. You’ve Stopped Pushing Your Self
Maybe you’ve gotten a little too lazy; maybe you spend your time binge watching the newest tv shows instead of learning something new for your career, or enjoying your passions, or pushing your limits. What are you doing?! While Pretty Little Liars is a damn good show, what will it be worth to you five years from now? (Okay, yes, I still watch it… just be sure to pick your favorites & not go overboard.)

4. You’re Not Pushing Your Limits
Everyone has their boundaries, but there are times when they are meant to be pushed. If you’re not happy in the life that you are leading now, maybe it has to do with pushing your limits. What are you willing to try or learn to get yourself out of this slump? What will help you move forward & find life exciting again?

5. You’re Holding A Grudge (Or Multiple Grudges)
Life is too short to be brooding over that cheating ex of yours, so watch it. You might not even know you’re holding a grudge until one day they text & the anger is gone. Try to move yourself past that anger & on to something better. I mean, come on, they obviously aren’t worth it.

6. You’re Knowingly Doing Things You’ll Later Regret
That moment you eat something that goes horribly against your diet; the ‘one more’ drink you have before the night’s over; the day you spend doing absolutely nothing when you have a huge class assignment due the next day… Yep. Those ones. They are wrecking the way you feel about yourself & how you perceive yourself. The promises you make with yourself are important too.

7. You’re Holding On To Dead Relationships
Whether it’s a boyfriend/girlfriend, best friend, or simply an old friend who’s still on your facebook, consider what these relationships are doing to your self-esteem. Maybe your girlfriend is a constant downer; your best friend doesn’t have the courtesy to call when big things happen in his or her life; an old friend says they want to hang out but they never commit. Consider how these relationships make you feel about yourself; decide whether or not to confront them, & then move forward with your life in some way.

8. You’re Too Critical Of Yourself
Guilty! No more being down on ourselves – how we look, the mistakes we are making, etc. Just GET GOING. Learn more for work, get to working out, eat right, live in the moment! No more complaints, just action. Move, Move, MOVE!

9. You Have Too Much Crap
Spring Cleaning Anyone? You might be surprised how quickly you find yourself feeling a bit happier when you completely clean out your home.

10. You’ve Over Committed Yourself
You can often find yourself unhappy when you completely overload yourself. You’re not doing quality work, you’re letting yourself (& others) down & your brain is starting to give up… that’s not fun for anyone. Slow down, take a breath, & think before making another commitment. (Saying No is okay!)

11. You’re All Work & No Play
If work is your absolute passion, all the more to you! There are people who would kill to love their jobs that much. Just know, though, that life is also too short to be limiting yourself to one thing. What about long hikes? Doodling? Painting? Laser Tag? Escape Rooms? Yep. Get with it.

12. You’re In A Boring Routine
Routine can be a good thing – until you let it completely take over your life & don’t allow for any fun changes. Ever. It’s time to get out of that routine & on to something(s) new!

13. You Don’t Know What You Really Want
(AKA You don’t have a bucket list.) Figure it out so that you can get going!

14. You Aren’t Thinking Positively
Have you ever heard someone say, “Thoughts become things?” You may just discover that this is absolutely true. Start thinking more positively – push yourself to become more optimistic. Maybe happiness will come with it.

15. You’re In Debt
Do everything you can to learn about the different processes of getting out of debt, limit your spending, & get yourself in a place that makes you feel good about yourself! You can do this!

16. You’re Unorganized
Anything that can cause you to be overwhelmed could be an obstacle, & this includes being unorganized. Not knowing where things are can cause a delay, which is a waste of your time & potentially the time of others. Be prepared. Get organized!

It’s SO NICE to be back!

Amy Croson

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