15 Daredevil Bucket List Items

Over the years, I’ve slowly discovered that I enjoy doing daredevil bucket list items – & while not all of them are for me, I thought I would share a list.

Here are 15 Daredevil Bucket List items for you to consider. Go get ’em!

1. Go Skydiving
2. Experience Zero Gravity
3. Jump off the Vegas Stratosphere
4. Run with the Bulls
5. Go Wing Walking
6. Hike Caminito del Rey
7. Go Heli-Skiing
8. Go Bungie Jumping
9. Roll in an Airplane
10. Swim with the Sharks
11. Dine in the Sky
12. Ride the Longest Cable Car
13. Kayak Over a Waterfall
14. Try Hot Air Ballooning
15. Experience Hang Gliding

Are you willing to go the distance?