13 Ego Boosters

    Every now & then, we get down on ourselves. Not only is this horribly unattractive, it’s also contagious. And you would be surprised how often it happens. Now’s the time to stop feeling sorry for yourself & boost your ego. Here are 13 ways you can stop feeling sorry for yourself.

  1. Stand up for yourself. – Finally taking a stand for what you want in life & living your life for you can be the ultimate ego booster. Doing so can allow you to move forward in ways you couldn’t imagine.
  2. Rely on yourself for a boost, not others. – Many people go fishing for compliments by making others feel sorry for them. This is a no no & yes, people can tell that you’re fishing. Instead, find ways to inspire yourself by helping others or doing things that you enjoy & are proud of.
  3. Accomplish something big.– If there’s something you’ve been putting off, go accomplish it. There’s nothing better then that weight lifting off of your shoulders. Now you feel accomplished & almost as though you can do anything.
  4. Pay It Forward.– There’s nothing more inspiring than paying it forward. Use the Pay It Forward list I’ve created to inspire yourself & others by showing them that there are unbelievably kind people out there.
  5. Get out there! – Go out dancing with friends or throw a party. There’s nothing like having fun & reminding yourself how luck you are to have friends like these.
  6. Plan ahead/go day dreaming. – If you know what you want to do with your future, it can be a pretty big ego booster & can really make you feel like you’re finally getting to know yourself. Start planning your future now.
  7. Start watching YOUR actions. – There are many of you out there who are constantly watching others & constantly being envious of what they have. The only reason you should be watching others is to congratulate them, catch up with them, or allow them to give you ideas of what you might want to do in your life time. Don’t forget about what you have that they might envy.
  8. Let Go Of The Past. – I’ll be saying this forever. Stop holding grudges & move on. Life is so much easier when you’re not looking back. You’ll feel completely renewed knowing that your past isn’t going to haunt you anymore… & possibly be yelling ‘Bring It On!’
  9. Read up. – The more you learn about your interests, the better you’ll know yourself. Your likes, your dislikes, etc. The more you know yourself, the more you can give to others. You’ll also feel so much more confident when facing new challenges.
  10. Pick your friends… – This has been something that’s pushed me. The more positive your friends are, the more positive you are. You feed off of one another. Find friends who support what you’re working toward, & be sure to support them as well.
  11. … Pick your battles.– When you’re upset with people, you tend to do things you later regret. Instead of fighting & burning bridges, maybe you should take a step back. There will be some people in your life that you may want to distance yourself from, but burning a bridge isn’t always the best step forward. Just take a breather & start spending time with people who treat you better. If you then find yourself still being pulled down, that’s when you need to decide how far you want to push back.
  12. Dress to impress. – From now on, leave the house feeling like you mean business. Stop wearing pjs out &/or heading out without makeup. Dress like you’ve already become that amazing person you’ve always wanted to be. Pretty soon, you’ll be that person… & it will feel great.
  13. Relax. – Find ways to let go. My personal favorite is zumba, but yoga or kickboxing or running are just a few ways to help yourself relax & feel amazing about yourself.

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