12 Meaningful Questions For Your Bucket List

Questions For Your Bucket List: Check out these great questions for your bucket list, whether you’re creating your first or revamping a current one. The little somethings below will not only have you thinking (& rethinking) everything that is important to you, but they will also have you expanding your bucket list horizons to make way for more ideas that will add to your list.

1. Does This List Scare The Crap Outta Me?
Ever read the quote, “If your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.”? It’s TRUE! In fact, it’s incredibly important that items in your list scare you, because that means that your list is really challenging you to face even your smallest of fears.

2. Do I Feel Empowered When I Look At It?
Does your list make you feel strong & beautiful? Does it have you glowing each time you accomplish a goal, even the smallest of goals? If it doesn’t, there’s something missing from your list!

3. Does My List Motivate Me?
You will have your lazy ‘leave me alone days’, everyone has those. But, looking at your list, you should feel motivated. Look at all of these opportunities for you to grow!!

4. Are These Items ALL For ME?
Sometimes we find ourselves so in love, or so eager to be liked, that we add goals that are Sooooo Not Us! Every now & then, check your list & ask yourself if these goals are for YOU. This is your bucket list; your recipe for life! Don’t let anyone else come between you & this beautiful notebook.

5. Does My List Challenge Me? 
Do you feel like these items push you – to your limit or at all? Will your list have you pushing forward even when you’re unsure of what’s ahead? This is important.

6. Will My Take Me Where I Want To Go?
Often times, a goal can seem so daunting that it just sits there. Your bucket list should ALWAYS push you where you’ve always wanted to go!! If the goal is daunting, make smaller goals that will lead you to your end result.

7. Does My List Have Me Dreaming Of Greater Horizons?
When you ogle your list, does it have you dreaming of more? Do you get goal greedy? Are you drooling & getting excited about your future? (Okay… maybe drooling is a little too far?) Your list should have you in “La La Land.” It should have you realizing that anything is possible, because it is.

8. Am I Truly Putting Myself ‘Out There’?
So, you have a few fears on your list, & you’ve got a few that really challenge you… but are you really putting yourself ‘Out There’? Are you expanding your bubble? Are you buying the books you’ve deemed ugly based on their cover? Come on! It’s time to live a little!!

9. Is This List Passionate?
A bucket list isn’t just a to do list; it’s a list of the things you’ve ALWAYS wanted to do. This means that ‘Do My Laundry’ should NOT be on your list… unless you’re a rich kid who has never done laundry before & is dying to know what it’s like to be independent. Really! What are you passionate about? What have you always craved but never dared? YES. Go there.

10. Does My List Get Dirty?
Yep, I said it. We all have our limits, but some of us never test them. Does your list get ‘dirty’, whether it be Read 50 Shades Of Grey or try the Kama Sutra? What is this world are you missing out on that intrigues you? Stop limiting yourself because of the people around you!!!

11. What Am I Learning About Myself?
All of the things that you want to do in your life truly tell the story of who you are & who you want to be. These items have you designing this amazing person that you’ve always wanted to be, & without even knowing it, you’re looking up to this person that you admire (& who you haven’t even met yet!). Ask yourself what you’ve learned about yourself following completing each goal. I think you’ll be happy with the answer.

12. Where Do I Go From Here?
So, most likely, you’ve never completed your list. (And if you have BRAVO!) But, you should constantly be asking yourself, ‘Where Do I Go From Here?’ What can I add to my list? You should also constantly be listening. What are you hearing from others that sounds intriguing & meaningful? There you go! Another bucket list item.

So, what do you think your list needs more of? What do you think needs to be removed or reworded? I truly hope that these questions for your bucket list really allow you to form the perfect list & to renovate a slightly tampered list.

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