11 Items To Light Up Your List (& Your Life!)

Sometimes we need a little more light in our lives. Why not reward ourselves with a few bucket list items that are sure to light up your list, & your life? Here are 13 ways to light up your list, enjoy!

1. Go To Lantern Fest:Lantern Fest is taking the US by storm! Be sure to check it out, it’s quite the experience.

2. See Fireflies: Some have never seen these amazing little bugs; I used to be one of them!

3. See A Lunar & A Solar Eclipse: Get ready for the next Eclipse this Thursday, October 23, 2014 by checking out the NASA Website!

4. Go To A Beach Bonfire: Still on my list! Keep warm, light up your list & have fun!

5. Go To A Glow-In-The-Dark Paint Night Club: Adding it to my list…

6. See Aurora Borealis: These amazing Northern Lights have always had me wondering!

7. Walk Though Japan’s Tunnel Of Lights: This incredible tunnel is just one of the many reasons I would love to visit Japan.

8. Experience FOAM Glow: I don’t know about you, but FOAM Glow looks like a blast! A 5k with buckets of glowing foam? Count me in!

9. Visit A Lighthouse: Designed to light up the coast (& to light up your list), these incredible lighthouses can show history & amazing architecture at the same time.

10. See Bio-Luminescence: A spectacular – & natural sparkling water ‘event’ only to be experienced with your own eyes.

11. Fall Asleep Under The Stars: For a little romance or an independent showing, this bucket list item has certainly been a favorite for many of my readers.

12. Enjoy A Massive Fireworks Display: If you haven’t done this, you need to get on it.

13. Watch The Olympic Flame Ceremony: What an insane display of athleticism & pride for all of our countries during this time!

Are you willing to go the distance?