11 Apps For The Overwhelmed Bucket-Lister

So, I’m guessing that when you get to my website, it’s obvious that I write about everything? There are so many things that could be on your bucket list – so many routes to take. I get overwhelmed!! Below are a few of my favorite apps that help with the ‘whelm’. Of course, they don’t cure it. (I WISH!) But they certainly allow me to have a nice little break before my head fills back up again. Enjoy!

Because sometimes your head has too many tabs open… right?

1. MindNode – This is one of those apps that I’ve only recently begun playing with on my iPad & I LOVE IT. It reminds me of a story board that you would put together in a writing class, except it goes for everything! Get your thoughts out there without a complete overload.

2. Evernote – Evernote is an app for organizing your life by listing & writing. It has me writing blog ideas, novel ideas, to do lists, & much more all at the touch of a button. While I do enjoy the pen-to-paper method, this keeps me organized on the go.

3. Wunderlist – Another one of those apps that’s a to-do list but this one is a huge favorite simply because of my previous job. You can interconnect lists so that you know what’s been done & what’s in progress. This helps me with my bills, household chores, & little appointments.

4. Stylebook – I NEVER thought I would use this app… because I’m not into fashion… but BOY has it helped me. It’s because I’m not great with fashion that I need this app. It organizes your clothing, helps you choose outfits & even sends you cute ideas.

5. Pinterest – I used to save magazine clippings… (Okay, Okay, Maybe I still do…) but Pinterest really helps me to do this in a way that keeps them at my finger tips all of the time. And GUYS! There’s guy stuff on their too! Trust me!

6. Dreamdays – How do you keep count of the days you’ve gone without something or the days since falling in love with your sweetie? Or maybe how long until your big Christmas party? Ahhhh this guy! Dreamdays is awesome. I’d recommend this app any day of the week.

7. Google Drive – My work is centered on this! Product pricing lists, opening order details, & digital catalogs. ALL ON GOOGLE DRIVE. Thank goodness…

8. Quickbooks Self Employed – I never really understood how i was going to handle my taxes once I started working from home, but Quickbooks has saved my life. It’s a computer program & an app that allows you to organize your bills & everything accordingly.

9. WeMo – My boyfriend has me hooked on this app that turns on & off certain lamps in our house. When you’re away, you can turn them on & off. When you’re at home, you can be lazy & turn them on & off. All with the push of one button… & a little digital plugin that I’m pretty sure he got from Amazon.

10. MyBoxOffice – So… I like movies. A Lot. And I didn’t even dream that there were apps out there to help me with this problem; until I started wondering if I had a certain movie. I honestly wasn’t quite sure if I had bought that one or not. (I know! First world problems.) Well, MyBoxOffice has all of them loaded on to my phone for me. I no longer have to worry if I own a certain movie or not. So that’s nice.

11. Goodreads – Ever had a friend give you a LONG list of books she recommends? Yeah… I may not read super often, but I have a list of my own. That’s why I’m on Goodreads. Rate the books you’ve read, connect with others, make & receive recommendations, & never forget about that next book.

Happy Downloading!