10 Ways To Stop Procrastination In It’s Tracks

1. Remember What Your Missing – Admit it, you’ve gotten pretty good at making excuses for why you shouldn’t be cleaning the house tonight or why you don’t need to do your homework yet, but why put it off for something silly when something big is coming up (or could be coming up) tomorrow. Your favorite show? A big game? Don’t miss out on it tomorrow because you put off what you needed to do tonight.

2. Think About That Feeling – It’s a Thursday night, but you’re thinking you aren’t going to clean the house until Sunday? How would it feel to have it done now? Really Good. If you shovel the driveway now, you won’t have to do it in the morning. If you clean the house tonight, you won’t have anything to dread during the weekend… except maybe work the next day. 🙂

3. Face A Fear – Sometimes when we’re afraid of something, it gets put off. We’re afraid of rejection, so we don’t audition for the play of our dreams; we’re afraid of spiders, so we lie awake in bed instead all night instead of squishing one. Whatever it is – face it. Fight. Be Brave & Bold. You’re truly the only one standing in your way.

4. Make Plans – Making plans is a sure-fire way to get you going tonight. If you finish your homework, you can have your friends over tomorrow without worrying about cramming it in. If you paint the spare bedroom tonight, you could have someone visit this weekend without feeling guilty that it’s still ugly.

5. Set An Example – Your children look up to you; and your friends and family are inspired by you. Keep those watching you motivated and inspired by showing them what you can do and that they can do it too. No more bad examples!

6. Don’t Get Frustrated – Give it a try! We all make the mistake of getting flustered over something that is actually not a big deal. – Stop being a drama queen and go kick some booty! Whatever it is, it will be over before you know it and you’ll be on to your next fun task!

7. Be Decisive – Going back and fourth about what you’re going to do is just your way of keeping yourself from doing what you don’t necessarily want to do. All of this time you’re spending trying to decide is keeping you from getting those tasks out of the way asap. – – And, again, moving you on to something fun and worth your while.

8. Remove Distraction – You don’t try doing your homework in the living room while your brothers are playing video games, and you shouldn’t turn on your computer when you’re trying to read your Chemistry book. Go into another room; find a quite place; move somewhere where you know there won’t be distractions.

9. Make New Friends – If you have distracting friends who always seem to keep you from accomplishing things that are important to you, it’s time to find friends to spend time with when you need motivation. Negativity and lack of productivity can create a monster out of you… and everyone that might hangout with you as well. Move forward and find people who are positive, who push you to strive to be the best you – the person you’ve always wanted to be.

10. Find Your Idol – Find someone who’s accomplished this task before. If there’s someone you can look up to, celebrity or average Joe, this person is going to motivate you to succeed… whether they know it or not.

Really??? – This is something I ask myself when I’m putting off homework. 🙂 Maybe it will help you too: Seriously? Amy… are you kidding me? It’s a five page paper. FIVE! You can have that done tonight, but your gonna wait for the weekend? Really?? Really?? Wow.


    Some things aren’t as difficult as they seem; others are more difficult then we originally thought. Some things are unbelievably dull; others are incredibly exciting… But what we need to remember is that pushing ourselves to do our very best is what’s most important. This is how we better ourselves, not only as a human being, but as a friend, a partner, a child, a parent, etc. You pushing yourself is also pushing others… even when you may not realize it.

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