10 Ways To Renovate Your Life…

  1. Say Goodbye To Drama.
    It’s tough, but saying goodbye to all of the drama in your life – & the friends who stir things up – can turn your life from rocky to smooth in just a couple of days. So say goodbye to drama & hello to a newer, happier, less stressed you!
  2. Learn To Let Go.
    There are several things in your past – big or little – that may still be bothering you. Though it may take something drastic for you to finally change your ways, finding distractions & or closure are a couple of the best ways to let go. Don’t hesitate. Just do. Trust me, it will feel amazing when it’s finally over.
  3. Take A Few More Risks.
    No worries – I’m not talking about bungee jumping here! Though, it may be on your list. I’m talking about getting out there & taking on opportunities. Flying in planes, riding motorcycles, wake boarding… etc. Whatever is most “risky” to you. Take a chance & live on the edge a little.
  4. Stop Worrying About What Others Think.
    This one’s been the biggest challenge for me, because we all compare ourselves to others. But, it’s gotten to the point where it no longer matters. I take my risks, hoping they will help others & myself… if you think I’m crazy – so what? I’m happy. I’m living life to the fullest & that’s all that matters. (Perhaps I think you’re crazy for not living your life to the fullest?) – Just be strong. Go for it!
  5. Face Your Greatest Fears.
    You know what your greatest fears are. Falling… Heights… Spiders… Vampires… ?? Maybe you should try facing your fears. Though you may not completely overcome that fear of yours, perhaps you’ll feel just the tiniest bit better about it. So go bungee jumping, climb that rock wall, let someone set a spider next to you, Um… read twilight? LOL – Either way, this will change your life & you know it.
  6. Pay It Forward.
    As you know, this one’s a big one. Paying it forward is something we all love to do. – I have a whole page on it. Do something thoughtful for someone & maybe – just maybe – you’ll start the chain reaction we’ve only dreamt of.
  7. Save Your Money.
    You’ll be amazed at how wonderful you feel knowing that you have a savings in the bank. This is your backup plan. You can make as many excuses as you want as to why you don’t already have one… but lets face it… I think you can spare one trip to McDonalds & put just $5 into your savings. Yes? 🙂 Trust me… you won’t regret it.
  8. Get Confident.
    Confidence is something that comes slowly, & neither this one, nor the rest of the list do I expect you to complete within 6 months. However, confidence is all you & who you spend your time with. This list will help with your confidence. Surrounding yourself with people who are kind & generous towards you will help your confidence. And, lastly, accepting compliments & returning them is another way to build your confidence. So help yourself out a little why don’tcha?
  9. Go Meet New People.
    Like I said, meeting people who are kind towards you (& being kind to them) helps in building your confidence & a better you. So go find friends, learn to trust them, be there for them when they need you… And allow them to be there for you when you need them. Find friends who’ll reach out when you’re in need, not ones who shut the door on you. Go be happy!
  10. Celebrate.
    Lastly, celebrate – learn how to celebrate in style. Throw a party for your new friend’s birthday, go out on the town for a Girl’s Night. Or celebrate your new found freedom from drama – or the new independent you by taking yourself out. 🙂 Be careful, don’t drink & drive, & celebrate the right way. – CONGRATS! –

See you on the other side. 🙂

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