10 Ways A Bucket List Will Change You For Good

There’s no question that Bucket Lists are life-changing. A piece of paper, a post-it note or a full binder covered with all of the things you want to do & the places you want to see; your very own recipe for life. It’s the ultimate pick-me-up when you’re in the dumps; the personal challenges to yourself that allow you to grow in ways you’ve never expected. I’ve been amazed at how much has changed since the creation of my physical, written down, bucket list. Here are 10 Ways A Bucket List Will Change You.

1. YOU’LL FIND BRAVERY: If your bucket list doesn’t scare you even in the slightest, you should begin researching things you’ve considered doing before but chickened out on. Push yourself & see what you learn about who you are.

2. YOU’LL FIND STRENGTH: As you take these risks, you will fall down occasionally. That’s alright! Sometimes when I’m frustrated, I’ll distract myself with a new goal & I’ll come back to that one when I’m a little more seasoned.

3. YOU’LL FIND BELIEF: The more that you write down & accomplish, the more you’ll believe in who you are, what you stand for, & just how powerful your list is.

4. YOU’LL FIND… MORE: The further you get with your list, the more you will thirst for – the more ideas you’ll find to add to your list. Trust me.

5. YOU’LL FIND VALUE: It’s the little things & the big things, now, that will have you enjoying life. The time capsule you’ve buried in your yard, the heart you carved on a local tree; they are now all little pieces of your life that you cannot imagine living without.

6. YOU’LL FIND SIZZLE: The more pieces of this life puzzle that you can put together, the better you’ll feel about yourself & the amazing world around you.

7. YOU’LL FIND WISDOM: Regardless of the bucket list item, you’ll be learning things about yourself & the world around you. This is how them old people earn wisdom.

8. YOU’LL FORGET BOREDOM: On those down days, you’ll always have something to do – something that you WANT to do; something that you ENJOY doing!

9. YOU’LL BE QUICK TO SPOT OPPORTUNITY: I do believe in a higher power, & while I’m not quite sure what that is, I feel like this has something to do with it. For the past seven years, since the creation of my list, it seems that occasionally things fall into my lap & I’ve noticed things pop up out of nowhere… when I least expect & it always seems to come at the perfect time.

10. YOU’LL BECOME MORE OPTIMISTIC: The world will be a little lighter & brighter somehow; you’ll notice more people who care less about themselves & more about others. And no matter what you’re going, through there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.

Words cannot express what a pen to paper has given me, & I’d give anything to share this feeling with everyone else in the world. If you haven’t tried this, do.

What would it hurt? A bucket list will completely change your life. *Insert winking face here.* You got this.