10 Reasons Why Your Small Biz Social Content SUCKS

Yikes! I know, that’s a bit harsh, but I can tell you that you’re not alone. Many small business owners, while pushing themselves to do just about everything on their own in their business, are struggling to gain traction with their content for one reason or another. This list is not to make you feel bad about your content, it’s to make sure that you are aware of what’s going on. Content suckery is super common, lacks interaction & pretty much erases the work you’ve done to be consistent. 

Consistency is key, but when you’re being consistent on social media while also posting sucky content, it’s truly just about pointless. Here is my list of 10 reasons why your small business social content sucks & how to turn things around for good. Enjoy!

1. You’re Only Posting Photos… & They Have Text All Over Them

It doesn’t matter if you’re posting on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram, if you’re only posting photos – & dare I say photos with text on them (ouch again) – you’re completely missing the boat. Short video content is now the optimal strategy on EVERY platform. Yes, I’m including Twitter. It’s quick to grab attention, people are obsessed & it’s ultimately what every platform is promoting. It’s time to start making videos, people!

2. The Content Your Posting Isn’t Applicable For Your Brand

This one is a bit of a rabbit hole. Let’s just put it this way… If it’s National Pizza Day & you’re a real estate office, you have no business posting about pizza EVEN IF you have a listing for a pizza business. You’re keywording to the wrong people, confusing your current audience (that’s hopefully looking for homes to buy) & disappointing anyone who might think you’re providing pizza at your open house today. Watch it! — I’ll be posting more about applicable content, so stay tuned!

3. It’s All Going Up Without A Plan Or Direction

Unplanned content is good for one thing – consistency. And while I know everyone says (me too) that consistency is key, there is more to content strategy than just consistency. When you have a plan, you know why your posting each piece of content. With that why, you can send future clients in the direction they need to go – instead of on some wild goose chase where they end up confused on the other side. I will also say that this often has to do with your business – in it’s entirety – operating without a plan or direction. — Yep, I said it! It’s time to get clear on what you do & how you want to present yourself. 

4. You’re Not Thinking About Your Followers First & Foremost

Before every single post, I want you to ask yourself, “How is this helping my followers?” Are you giving them something that will help them make their decisions when picking a business like yours? Are you showing them why you are reputable? Or are you simply asking them to buy over & over & over & over & over again? That will get old really quick. 

5. Your Posts Hold ZERO Personality

I know! It can be difficult posting for your business & still feeling professional when you start trying to add in a personal touch. You want to be professional, but you also want to be relatable. You want to be knowledgeable, while also being able to be goofy every now & then. It may be old fashioned, but I always say BE YOU. People will see right through you if you’re trying to hide that you really want to crack a dad joke while sitting there talking to them about car insurance. I dare you to try it & see what happens! — This one goes without saying that you shouldn’t be selling in every single post either. Add some dimension to your content!!

6. You’re Not Willing To Ask For Help

When you’ve been in business for several years, coming up with content can sometimes be excruciating. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your employees, coworkers or even hire a content strategist. (Hello There!) You’d be shocked at just how much your business can grow in online media when you’re doing it right; meaning providing applicable, consistent & planned content that aligns with everything your business has to offer. 

7. You’re Worried Someone Will Steal Your Ideas

Here’s the thing… Great minds think alike. So either you’re going to be the first to post about a certain topic or someone else is. Your time is limited to take advantage of just about any opportunity – let alone social media opportunities, as they are always fluctuating. Jump! Get out there! Push yourself! Stop making stupid excuses – ESPECIALLY this one. You’re holding your business back in BIG ways. 

8. It’s Repetitive & Boring
No more posting the same things over & over!!! Find new ways to present similar things. For example, if you’re releasing a new product, don’t use the same Canva template. It will get lost in translation as quick as you can say, haven’t I seen this before?

9. You’re Not Willing To Put Yourself Out There

Surprise! When there is a face to a business, or rather, when your followers know you & your employees & coworkers, they are more likely to come buy from you. People like knowing you’re REAL; they like vulnerability & personality & comradery. It’s time to get yourself on those live videos, to make those goofy reels & put your business on the map WITH YOUR FACE. It takes practice, but it’s time to put yourself out there. Do it! I promise it will be worthwhile. 

10. You Aren’t Looking At Your Bios As Content

Your content isn’t just what you post daily, it’s also what you’re saying about you’re business in your bios. Providing your future followers with the who, what when, where & why of your business will ultimately seal the deal in getting that follow. Making sure that your profiles on each platform are complete & crystal clear will not only create a foundation to build a bigger following, but also show the platform that you’re there to stay & grow.

Amy Riordan | Social Media Strategist & Luxury Lighting Rep
Writer, Runner & Boy Mom ♡ Coeur d’Alene, Idaho

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