10 Fun Runs That Have You Wanting More

Back in January, I discovered several different color ‘fun runs’ throughout the US & I was eager to check it out. I quickly found a local 5K option called Color Me Rad & I was all over it! I signed up for Color Me Rad eager to get out there & have some fun. I then found out my coworker & her fiance were also signed up & lastly, I invited my new boyfriend to come with. I may or may not have a slightly increased interest in fun runs now! Here are just 10 that really sparked my interest!

1. Color Me Rad (Duh): They throw around paint powder!
2. The Dirty Dash: A fun run in the dirt and the mud.
3. Foam Fest: You guessed it! Foam!
4. The ROC Race: Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge
5. Run For Your Lives: Zombie and mud run!
6. Dance Party Run: Yeah… get your dance on.
7. Super Hero Half Marathon: Dress up like a super hero!
8. Warrior Dash: Bootcamp.
9. The Empire State Building Run Up: Wow.
10. The Hero Rush: A race designed by firefighters.

During Color Me Rad, the weather certainly wasn’t the greatest – windy & cold – but we were all in high spirits. Janice passed out the color packets to get us started & we were quickly on our way, running through each color checkpoint along the way – even stopping to roll in purple.

We had such a blast that I’m very eager to sign up for something else very soon. This fun run gave me a little confidence boost – not only working out & having fun, but taking pictures while covered in color. Pretty Pretty 😉
This run is perfect for a person looking for something fun to do on a summer afternoon. It’s certainly something that gets people out – & taking tons of photos. They throw corn starch color powder on you at each checkpoint and hand out packets of color for you to throw at each other.

The fun of it all will have you smiling so hard your cheeks will hurt.
Thank you Tim, Janice & Chris. It was so much fun splashing color all over you & being complete nerds posing for photos. It definitely wouldn’t have been quite as entertaining without the three of you!

Are you willing to go the distance?