10 Day Challenge & Contest

Hey Everyone! I’m starting a 10-Day Challenge today & I want you to be involved! At the bottom of this post is a list of everything I plan to accomplish in the next 10 Days. All you have to do is pick a number between 1 & 52. Not only will you be entered to win a $25 Amazon Gift Card, but I’ll have to accomplish that task & post a photo of it within the 10 Days.

A Few Notes & Rules:
1. Contest Updates will be posted on the Facebook Fan Page.
2. Boyfriend & Family Members are ineligible for the contest, but welcome to participate if they’d like.
3. Limit one entry per person.
4. Items on the list are in random order so you do not know your selection.

5. Your selection will be announced on the Facebook Fan Page within 24 hours of the request.

Lets see how much I can accomplish in just 10 Days!
Are you willing to go the distance?


The List:

Accomplish A Goal
Add 2147Miles Merchandise
Add Completed Descriptions
Add Goal List Descriptions
Add Person of Month Updates
Add To My Goal List
Add To Reader Wall
Create 2147Miles Flyers
Create A Web Design Flyer
Create Nashville Photo Book
Create New 2147 Background
Distribute 2147Miles Flyers
Distribute Web Design Flyers
Do Brick Landscaping
Do Bark Landscaping
Download Photos From Phone
Get More People of the Month
Get Student Loan Details
House: Add Trim Corners
House: Clean Bathroom
House: Dust Entirely
House: Finish Exterior Paint
House: Finish Exterior Trim
House: Kitchen Cabinet Liner
House: Paint Grout Brown
House: Paint Grout Red
House: Re-Calk Shower
House: Seal Grout
House: Secret (Reveal 8/12)
House: Start Photo Book
House: Trim Touch Up
Make Audition List
Make Event List
Make TV Premier List
Movie Collection Ends
New Twitter Background
Order Business Cards
Organize Itunes Collection
Organize Movie Collection
Organize My Filing System
Plan A Girl’s Night
Purchase Web Design Receipts
Sand Fence Planks
Sewing Items
Stain Office Desk
Start Next Sparks Book
Submit A “The Voice” Audition
Wash/Clean Out Car
Web Design Contacts
Work on 2147 Surprise!!
Work On New Logo
Work On Paying It Forward

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