10 Campouts To Add To Your Bucket List

Ready for details on the best campouts out there? A few years ago I started working for an adventure company that quickly had me adding more & more adventurous items to my already endless bucket list. One of them just happened to be ‘Camp On A Beach’, which I was actually able to check off with them during part of my training. (BONUS!).

Needless to say, I was more than grateful for all that I was able to do with this company & camping on the beautiful beaches throughout the Islands of Loreto – THAT was truly the cherry on top.

Here are just 10 campouts to add to your bucket list & why you’re sure to enjoy them.

Secluded Island Campouts
There’s nothing quite like knowing you’re one of maybe 15 or 20 camping out on a secluded island!

The Trampoline Stakeout
Never slept out on the trampoline & star-gazed? It’s never too late to try it out.

The Heavily Wooded Campout
As someone who’s camped out in heavily wooded areas, it’s funny to add this, but not everyone has! Get out there & camp in the woods along a creek.

River-Front Retreat Camping
Each year, my Dad rents property along our favorite river for summer camping. It’s beautiful & along a big grassy property. Definitely worth while.

The Open Field
Ever camped in an open field? Me either. I’m definitely curious.

Ocean-Front Beach Camping
Falling asleep listening to the waves crash against the shore. Not bad if you ask me – & a sandy beach is surprisingly comfortable to sleep on.

Car Campouts
I’ve camped out in my Honda Element a few times & overall it’s a fun experience. It’s always pretty warm & it definitely has you a bit more protected than a tent.

If you don’t know what Glamping is, you should look it up! It’s like cabining in a tent – with a bed & everything. And it may seem rather funny coming from a yearly camper, but I am curious.

Hammock Campouts
I officially own a hammock & am TRULY looking forward to hammock camping. And yes – I mean WITHOUT a tent.

The Lookout Tower Retreat
Just this weekend I camped out in a Lookout Tower for the very first time. It was quite the experience (which I will write about in the coming days).



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