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Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY  |  March 2010


Subscriptions to this blog are used specifically for sharing the contents of the most recently posted blogs, along with any inspirational, motivational or empowering content that is found in researching that blog post. Your emails will not be provided to any third parties, for any reason. 

Bucket List Bound is a personal blog designed, written & edited by Amy Croson. Any questions concerning this blog need to be submitted to

Products & services supported by this blog & Amy Croson, are supported based on the specific belief in that product or service, & not simply the compensation offered via sponsorship, ambassadorship, & advertising agencies. Any opinion provided for these products & services will be honest in belief, findings, experiences, etc. All opinions expressed on Bucket List Bound are purely Amy Croson's. Any specific product or service detail must be verified with the company direct, & not with Bucket List Bound. 

This blog, & the partnerships surrounding it, are companies of integrity. Any & all marketing material will be clearly identified.