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Bucket List Bound has been in the making for over seven years now, starting as something just to keep in touch with family & friends (, & turning into something with much more meaning (Bucket List Bound). Over the years, we've gained a little recognition. See the timeline below for all of our features, interviews, & more. Be sure to also connect with us on various social media networks.

October, 2017  |  Bucket List Bound's Amy Croson joins Quora 

January, 2017  |  2147Miles becomes Bucket List Bound

June, 2017  |  Bucket List Bound's Amy Croson attends Craft + Commerce 2017

December, 2014  |  How to Live the Bucket List Life Podcast

June, 2011  |  2147Miles Nominated for Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

March, 2011  |  Dream Chaser: Amy Croson with Erika Liodice

August, 2010  |  Sunny Star: Amy Croson with The Sunny Girl 

March 30, 2010  |  The Creation of 2147Miles