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More Than Travel: Why Your List Should Come Home

More Than TravelYes, travel is amazing. No wonder why we have so many destinations on our bucket list! There are so many new experiences out there in all of these different countries, & you bet your ass we want to do them all! But, what about the rest of your time? What about those moment’s you’re working the 9 to 5 job, taking care of the children & working on household projects? What if you had a bucket list that allowed you to improve your lifestyle from home? Life is honestly more than travel. We are talking about the spaces in between the travel here.

Now, I’m not talking about putting your to-do list into your bucket list; I’m talking about all of the things that you want to experience with your family or on your own that you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to. Here are all of the reasons why your list should involve more than travel.

1. It Gives You Courage
When you put an item on your list that scares you (even in the slightest), accomplishing it gives you courage to pursue the next fear. Find something near home (a half marathon, the polar bear plunge, or a fitness routine) that you aren’t quiiiite sure you can do, & do it.

2. It Lifts Your Spirits
Saving towards your travel goals is AMAZING, but what about those times when you need something to lift you up? Set a pay-it-forward goal in your area or go do something you love that you haven’t done in a long time. Try that paint & wine class, write a letter to a soldier, build your first snowman or start the Etsy business you’ve been dreaming about.

3. It Can Open Your Eyes
When you accomplish a bucket list item, even the smallest one… it can often open your eyes to a completely different world. You’ll not only have more list ideas, but you’ll truly see the world in a new light. You now know that you can work toward your bucket list even during a work week, & this can be HUGE because you know that it’s not about finding the time, it’s about making the time!

4. It Will Turn You Into The Person You’ve Always Wanted To Be
We set goals because we want to improve ourselves. And, while travel can certainly improve us & how we see the world, so can your goals at home. You’re setting goals that you (& only YOU) have wanted to accomplish. Thus, you’re slowly transforming yourself into the person you’ve always wanted to be. And it feels great!

5. You Define Your Own Success
When we look into the lives of others, we are often envious. (Thank you Facebook) Why? What is it that they have that we find so worth while… & why can’t we do this ourselves? I know, I know… many of you are probably thinking “travel”, but isn’t it more than just that? While you’re working toward your travel goals, what can you be doing that will make you feel like YOUR LIFE is worth while? Do it. Define what you believe success to be & go after it with all the fire you can muster.

6. You Find Contentment
What are some of the most touristy vacation spots in your area, & have you gone & done them? So often people are so focused on work & home that they forget to enjoy where they are. Why do you live where you do & what can you be doing to enjoy the luxuries that are right there in your own back yard? What’s keeping you from going out & enjoying those local luxuries? Find contentment while working toward your travel goals by enjoying where you are. It’s so simple!

7. You Will Inspire Others
Have you ever noticed that some people are out there to work & go home & do nothing else? They aren’t interested in making friends, because they don’t want to be there. They are just trying to get through the day so that they can go home to their families. To them, there is nothing more than travel & family (which I can see how they go there). — But what a downer! How is that living life? — What about the person that’s happy about how they are living, who wants to enjoy their ongoing EIGHT hour workdays; who knows what they want in life & how to push themselves forward? That’s the coworker that I want to work with!

8. You Truly LIVE
I think everyone out there defines a bucket list as a way to truly live life to its absolute fullest during your lifetime. But, while you’re sitting there working your 9 to 5 & heading home day in & day out while you save & save & save for those dream vacations… how are you LIVING life? (Yes, the capitalization is necessary). While I do believe you should save & get your butt out there on those amazing trips, you must also remember that life is more than travel. What are you doing to truly live NOW? Because, at the risk of sounding like my father… we have today. So, save… but also LIIIIIVE! (And, yes, you CAN do both.)


So, what are you waiting for? Intertwine that travel bucket list of yours in with all of the things you’ve always wanted to do that can be accomplished at home! It’s about more than travel. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed with the results!


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