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Are you interested in building a partnership with Bucket List Bound? Partnerships are very important to us, & we would love to discuss this with you! Check out the wide variety of opportunities, including sponsorship, ambassadorship, product reviews, ad placement, guest blogging, & much more below. And if you're interested, reach out using the contact form at the bottom of the page. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Hey! I am Amy Croson, the founder of Bucket List Bound. Born & raised in the Inland Northwest, I spend a great majority of my time outdoors with my Fiancé Tim & our dog Penny (Okay & some times we binge on TV shows). By day I work from home as a Lighting Representative, & by night I blog all about why living a life for you is the ultimate way to live. Just a few of my other favorite things in life (aside from blogging of course) are Zipfizz, the Seattle Seahawks, notebooks & journals, hand lettering, pizza & Kelly Clarkson music.

A partnership with Bucket List Bound would mean working directly with me to help your company build online presence. Whether I'm helping you with social media or an ambassador marketing your company on my website, a partnership with me means the utmost in class, integrity, sophistication & consistency. At the bottom of this page, you will find the various reviews that Bucket List Bound has received over the past several years. When you're ready, reach out using the contact form below.

To inspire, motivate & empower others to face their fears & reach their greatest goals.

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Media Packet


Below are all of the ways that we can work together. For full pricing options & descriptions, download the Media Packet.

Brand Ambassador
Let me represent your company as an Ambassador. I'll take photos to share on social media, write specific blog posts (or toss your name into posts), wear your gear & be an ongoing representative offline as well.

Content Creation / Freelance Writing
Enjoying my blogs; interested in what I'm doing on my social media outlets? Don't hesitate to reach out for any freelance writing or content creation that you're needing. I'm always looking for fun & inspirational things to write about.

Guest Blogging
Is there something you'd like to contribute to Bucket List Bound, or do you think I could contribute something to your blog? I'd love to work with you on this, so send me the details below.

Product Reviews/Giveaways
Have a product you'd like to show off to my media outlets? I love doing product reviews & giveaways. Send me your information - a product review is free with two of your products. (One to review, & one to give away.)

We are officially looking for sponsors as we begin creating our video blogs on YouTube, this will put your logo on the bottom of my website, as well as in each of my videos.