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Are you ready to create a collection of everything that you want to do in your lifetime? Bucket listing is all about getting to know yourself on another level. Take a moment to consider making yourself a physical, written list by reading the details about bucket listing below &, when you're ready, check out the How To section &/or start clicking on the various categories & tags based on your personal interests.

WHAT IS IT     |     WHY DO IT     |     HOW TO

bucket listing  |  WHAT IS IT

Put simply, a bucket list is a list of everything you've ever wanted to accomplish in your lifetime.

We all define success in different ways; for some that may be defined by fame or money. Your bucket list is your own definition for success & how you measure it personally. It's your recipe for living life to it's absolute fullest; it's creating a definition for happiness; it's a guideline to your own life happiness.

bucket listing  |  WHY DO IT

If you don't know what you want in life, how do you know what it is that you're going after?

Writing down all of your goals isn't about bragging rights or whether or not you have so many days to live. It's about building on your own self worth & living on your own guidelines. It's about uplifting yourself with things YOU want when you're having a tough time in life.

By looking into something you've always wanted to do (reading 50 books in a year, jumping out of an airplane or graduating from college), you are building up your self esteem... & it's something that comes from your brain, pen & paper.

Not only does writing down your goals help you to remember them, but you're more likely to notice opportunity as it arises. You're also more likely to go after something because you know it's what YOU want; not something someone else wants for you.

My question is - why NOT do it? There's absolutely nothing to lose.


bucket listing  |  HOW TO

To create a bucket list, you need a pen, a piece of paper & a quiet location to sit in. Allow yourself at least one hour to think about yourself & only yourself. Yes, you can certainly add in goals that involve your family, but be sure that it has to do with pleasing YOU. Your husband or wife can make their own list for themselves; so can your children.

Once you have all of the items you can think of on your list (trust me, more will come with time), you'll notice that you're gravitating more toward the ones you want to accomplish most. Accomplish those items first, if at all possible, while not missing out on any once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that come up in the process.

When life gets tough, always refer to your list & do everything you can to check an item off. It will boost your mood & your self esteem, helping you to move forward more smoothly & quicker.

When you have another moment, browse through the category options on our Resources page, click on various tags based on your own interests & check out my personal list for more ideas & inspiration. While not every item you accomplish with pride will be on your list, you can certainly add it later. Remember, this is about YOU, not anyone else.