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Feel Fulfilled: 13 Ways To Truly Live Your Life

feel fulfilledThroughout life, there will be moments of pure clarity, & moments of utter uncertainty. You won’t always feel fulfilled or over-joyous about the life that you’re living. But, shouldn’t we be feeling this way a majority of the time? And, if you haven’t felt that way in a while, it’s time to really mix things up to find that happiness in your life again. Life is too short to not feel that feeling a majority of the time!

Below is a list of ways to get that feeling back – to feel fulfilled when you’re feeling low or lonely or just okay or really, really devastated about something. Take a moment to look around at the world, & tell yourself that you deserve to be LIVING life & to feel fulfilled in ever aspect of your life.

I’m hoping this sweet little list will make you feel fulfilled (even just the slightest bit more).

1. Write Down The Things You Want
Please forgive my repetitive nature, but if you don’t know what it is you want, how could you possibly go after it? Or know when you have it? Or know when opportunity strikes. WRITE. IT. DOWN.

2. Stay Active
Keep putting yourself out there, taking advantage of new opportunities & see where it all may lead. Who knows? Maybe someone knows someone who knows some other guy that just might give you that BIG career break you’ve always wanted. But first, you need to meet that someone to meet that other someone to meet that… ahh yeah, you get what I mean…

3. Stay Positive
Let’s be real here. Optimism is a highly powerful thing that not many can maintain, but it’s known to assist in personal healing power, & it will also lead you straight to the top. So, before going off of statistics or acting all glass-is-half-empty… remember that it’s all about YOU. Statistics are inaccurate for so many reasons; including but not limited to the fact that we AREN’T ALL THE SAME!!!!!

4. Be Patient
So many of us give up too soon… & some of us fight for it all until the end. Pursue, pursue, pursue – even when that means more training & more knowledge of whatever it is that you’re after.

5. Imagine…
I think there may be a negative thought process when many of us think about our imaginations. It’s actually an incredible thing that we take for granted – something that can empower us & motivate us, & it’s all internal. USE IT. Thrive on it. Oh, gosh – come on, just try it already!

6. Fake It
So this certainly doesn’t apply to everything that you do… Haha. But the saying “fake it until you make it” can most certainly work in our favor. Own what you do, & learn as much as you can. But while you’re in the midst of it, show confidence. And if you can’t show confidence in what you’re doing, show confidence in the fact that you are doing it & that you’re hanging in there.

7. Give, Give, Give
It doesn’t matter if it’s a compliment to a stranger on the street, or sending someone a care package. Giving feels amazing on both sides! You feel good for what you did, they feel like there is hope in humanity – it’s a WIN-WIN. It’s also not something you always have to pay for. (See my blog about Free Ways To Pay It Forward Here.)

8. Make Un-Consulted Decisions
NO, I did not just say you can go buy a car without discussing it with your spouse! What I’m saying is, when it comes to you & your self-esteem, make your own decisions.

9. Make That Stop!
You know that saying, “Stop to smell the roses”? I cannot tell you how many times I’ve driven passed something & thought, that looks like a fun place to be, only to continue on my way without looking back. It’s like a photographer missing that PERFECT SHOT. You might just be missing on something all because you didn’t have 5 minutes to spare. Go check it out, enjoy the moment & remember how that moment made you feel as much as humanly possible.

10. Slow Down
Similar to what’s mentioned above, if you’re always running through life at 50 miles per hour, you’re going to miss a few things. Slow down! Look out the window! Soak it all in!

11. Write Down The Memories
Some of the most beautiful memories in life will become a blur faster, even, than the ones that were tough. Embed the best of moments into your head by writing them down, taking a few photos & saying to yourself, in that moment, “Wow, what a moment!”

12. Be Thankful
If you’re not thankful for what you have, there is certainly no room to feel fulfilled. Think about all around you that you have to be thankful for. (Starting with running water… because people forget that.) And go from there.

13. Don’t Believe In Bad Luck
How many times have you sat there, counting your blessings, only to have the person next to you telling you, “You JUST JINXED IT!” It’s not you who’s jinxing it (unless you’re talking about money in your car, my Grandma would say), it’s the person who is focused on the jinxing. Just like optimism can have you focused on the good, a person thinking about a jinx (or the negative side) could have everyone focused on the bad. (Just food for thought…) And no, this being item #13 is NOT a coincidence.


“A fulfilling life is different to each person.
You have to acknowledge your dreams, & not just wait for life to happen,
& opportunities to just come knocking at your door.” – Joan Lunden




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