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Let's connect, because I love answering questions about my blog & I'm very curious about my readers. Check out the frequently asked questions below, or use the following contact form to start your own discussion. I'll be sure to respond back to you shortly. Thank you so much for your interest in Bucket List Bound!

Why doesn't your blog have a religious tone to it?
There are several reasons. Here are my top three:
1. I want anyone & everyone to feel welcome at this site, regardless of religion, race, sexual orientation, etc.
2. The only thing on this site that should bring anyone out of their comfort zone is my pushing them to face their fears through their bucket list.
3. I'm not a very religious person.

Why "Bucket List Bound"?
Over the past six years, I've written mostly about my bucket list. Not only have I posted details on the list items themselves, but I've tried to empower others to create their own because of how my outlook on life has changed.

Why The Owl Logo?
1. A really great friend of mine, the late Ms. Madison Pearce, drew the logo as part of her greeting card collection Lenox & Lucy. After her passing, I digitally re-created the logo in her memory.
2. I'm very much into symbols, & the owl not only represents flight, but back in medieval times, they were believed to be witches. I do feel that there is something magical about the bucket list.

Why was your blog previously "2147Miles"?
The previous blog name was created for the distance between my home town & Nashville, Tennessee. It was a symbol of the daunting distance (& hoops you have to jump through) to get to your ultimate dream. Unfortunately, though, it's not very memorable or descriptive when it comes to SEO & blog growth.

Who Hosts Your Website?
Currently I'm using GoDaddy, & I have yet to have a problem with them. Not only have I been using them for years without fail, but they rescued me several times as I began using WordPress. This includes the two times that I completely erased my website. *Oopsies.*

I'm Subscribed, Why Am I Not Getting Story Posts?
Story posts are not published via the subscription feed, but only the "How To's" & "Reason Why" posts associated with each of my personal bucket list items. Because I'm posting two similar posts at the same time (ex: "Get Engaged | My Story" & "How To Be Engaged  |  Old School Etiquette"), it seemed a little overkill to share both stories via the subscription. I also like to focus more specifically on my readers, with my personal stories to the side. Don't worry, though, there is a link at the bottom that will connect you with my story for each post. 

Have More Questions? No problem. Ask them using the form below!

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