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“Easy Choices, Hard Life. Hard Choices, Easy Life.”

choices“Easy Choices, Hard Life. Hard Choices, Easy Life.”
Jerzy Gregorek

Recently, I discovered this quote by Jerzy Gregorek, & I find it absolutely divine. And, no, that’s not something that I say EVER, & that says something… right?

This quote has come to define a big part of me; the part that is constantly fighting for success & happiness – no matter the obstacles. Sometimes, in order to live the ‘easy’ day-to-day life, we must make incredibly difficult decisions. We must take steps we never thought we would (or could) ever take in order to make our lives worth living.

Today I sat down for lunch with an old friend. We talked about what we’ve been up to the past few years (okay decade…), & we talked briefly about a decision she’d made that had clearly been difficult for her. And this conversation had me thinking very clearly about my life, & this quote. You see, regardless of whether you’re simply unsure about this decision you’re about to make or you’re deathly afraid of the outcome (or both); the moment is made of pure intuition. It really is.

The thought process alone is telling you something; the internal conflict in itself is your own little guide. You are meant to make this change; you are meant to take this leap of faith… however delayed the action.

I really hope I’m making sense here.

To translate further…
Easy Choices = Settling For Less = Working Harder To Find Happiness In Unhappy Places
Hard Choices = Not Settling For Less = Duh. Finding Happiness In Happy Places

I know it’s hard regardless; I know that change is scary. Maybe something repetitive will help:
“Life Is Not Tried, It Is Merely Survived If You’re Standing Outside The Fire.” (Not that I’m into Garth Brooks or anything. ;P.)


You got this!


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