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The Best Bucket List Moments | How To Truly Embrace Each One

bucket list momentsWhether your bucket list moments consist of recently burying a time capsule in your back yard with the kids, experiencing the feeling of being engaged to the love of your life, or have just completed a bucket list item you never thought you could possibly even consider doing… this one is for you.

For years, I have been doing what I can to knock items off of my list, while also trying to focus my attention on my day job, website design, chores at home and at one time, college. I cannot imagine what it’s like to have children right now. (My neighbor has EIGHT.) So, naturally, I’ve been looking into ways to truly embrace all of your bucket list moments. Because, let’s be real, we all have a LOT going on. Too much even. So, how could you possibly take time to celebrate, let alone embrace, any of these important moments at all? Here are a few things I’ve found to make each experience that much more memorable & meaningful.


1. When It Happens, Actively Take It ALL In.
Stand there for a moment, really take it in. THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN. This is YOUR moment. And what an amazing moment it is. And for however brief that moment lasts, it will still be engraved into your memory by simply stopping & enjoying it.

2. Don’t Call Mom & Dad… Right Away.
Again, YOUR moment. Let it sink in before focusing on all who need to know. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Don’t Post It On Social Media… Yet.
Okay so for the biggest news (like being engaged), do everything you can to not spread the word until you have told all of the people who mean the most to you. Grandparents shouldn’t find out on Facebook! And as for the smaller moments, well, it’s your choice. But the delay is just nice, because it’s yours to keep. All yours.

4. Write It Down
One of the biggest points I made when we got engaged was to write the entire experience down. This is an important memory that you want to remember every detail of. Keep those details & allow them to last so that you can tell your children & your grand children. Write down the way that  half marathon felt as you were crossing the finish line; the fear you felt before jumping out of that airplane; the pride you felt climbing to the top of that rock wall.

5. Hang It Up
Things you never thought you’d ever do deserve to be hung up on a wall somewhere. They are a reminder that you are stronger than you think you are; a beacon when you’re feeling a little lost.

6. Take Photos… But Not Too Many
When we are working on projects we are proud of, we often take a LOT of photos. To many even. These bucket list moments are precious, but what are you missing as you’re focusing on taking those photos? I think we are spending too much time looking through that lens. Just look & enjoy & be proud!

7. Take Your Time
While some things are meant to be rushed, taking your time is very underrated. But, when it comes to bucket list moments, you should take your time. Feel every movement; enjoy every heart pounding second in the process. Don’t dread… consider how far you are & how soon this item will be completed.

8. Don’t Panic
You can read about my Half Marathon HERE, & I’m going to reference it here because I did start to panic. In the last two miles, I could see the park clock tower in the distance… it looked way further away than two miles. It looked 10 miles away, & I was dreading all of it. I was ready to be finished & I wasn’t sure what I’d gotten myself into. But, you know what? Looking back on that moment, I can only call myself a baby. I was freaking out about something that wasn’t really anything at all. I signed myself up for this, & I’m taking full ownership.

10. Throw A Party
Smaller items might not warrant a party, but I always say, if there’s reason to celebrate, do it! Throw that engagement party! Go out to celebrate that half marathon! Make something special for dinner after getting to the top of that rock wall. Enjoy it!! Be proud!! You are facing your fears & accomplishing your goals little by little & these bucket list moments – they MEAN SOMETHING.



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