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Bucket List Bound is a platform created to inspire personal success. Goal-setting, accomplishment, motivational pieces & interviews with others working toward their dreams; this blog is designed to encourage a one-of-a-kind movement that is all your own. This is where you'll discover the tools & the insight you need to learn all about who you are, who you want to be & how to get there. No excuses, no life coaches or personal trainers. Here YOU will build the life of YOUR dreams.

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ABOUT  |  bucket list bound

Bucket List Bound (formerly 2147Miles) was created on March 31, 2010, as I prepared to move across the country to beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. Designed (& titled) to share life far away from my family, the website has transformed into a personal development blog focused on inspiring others to set goals & follow their dreams, however far away those dreams may seem. Not regularly focused on specific travel endeavors, the blog is meant to drive people toward all of their goals, & focuses on ways to accomplish those goals with a budget in mind.

Regardless of religion, race, or sexual orientation, this website was created to motivate anyone & everyone who's still looking to not find, but create themselves.

MISSION STATEMENT: To inspire, motivate & empower others to face their fears & reach their greatest goals.

The beautiful logo, designed by the late, amazing Ms Maddie Pearce comes from a collection of drawings that she created for her own line of greeting cards, Lenox & Lucy. Created to benefit the Lupus Foundation, as she struggled with this disease, they carry a meaningful message that is near & dear to my heart. It's with this digital creation of her hand-drawn design that I want to embody not only the wise creature that can take flight at a moments notice, but ultimately to embody the creative & inspirational person that Maddie was.

I can only begin to wish that I could make such a remarkable difference in the lives of those around me... & she did it all within 22 years.

ABOUT  |  the bucket list

In November of 2007, I sat down to accidentally create a bucket list. (I had a random urge to go purchase an empty notebook from Walgreens next door & write something in it... anything.) While my classmates were all going off to college, I was in my own limbo, staring aimlessly at my big dreams ahead, feeling very low & certain that they were just too far away to possibly reach.

It wasn't until years later that I would realize just how important this list was - along with the over three hundred items that I would slowly work toward. Not only did it allow for me to focus on the things most important to me in life, but it brought a confidence in myself that I didn't know even existed. When you are writing down the items that you wish to accomplish in life, you're writing down your own definition of success. Therefore, if you are accomplishing the items on your list, you are successful. Your life carries more meaning.

ABOUT  |  amy croson

I'm Amy; the 20-something optimist & bucket list enthusiast turned rambling inspirational blogger (& now certified life coach). I'm the one who ran away to Nashville in search of a singing career & instead found an unbelievable passion for blogging & social media.

I currently live in North Idaho (where I was raised) with my amazing Fiancé Tim & our lab/pit puppy Penny. By day, I sell light fixtures; by night I write about goal setting & now, adventures in self employment ( My passions, aside from writing, include social mediaZipfizz, the Seattle Seahawks & office organization. Looking for my personal bucket list? You can find it HERE.

A Note: The creation (& ongoing writing) of Bucket List Bound is due to, in large part, my personal life experiences (past & current). These experiences are written for those looking to find inspiration in a negative situation, or searching for a way to fight through a difficult time. My writing is crafted with my readers in mind, but I am DEFINITELY not an expert at life.