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  • Get Out & Vote!Get Out & Vote!
    My days are spent thinking about all of the bucket list options out there. Obviously, they are infinite, so I do sometimes consider myself overwhelmed. But, as I was driving through Oregon yesterday, I found myself thinking about voting. Have you […]
  • Write A Short StoryWrite A Short Story
    For years, I’ve thought about writing a short story. The idea actually came from a friend I had in high school who used to write these really great short stories while sitting in class. I wanted to try it; see if it turned into something more or if […]
  • ZipfizzWhy I’d Be The Perfect Zipfizz Ambassador
    As so many of my readers know, I am a huge fan (& daily drinker) of Zipfizz. Zipfizz is an energy drink that’s high in antioxidants & sold through Costco. For the past few years, I’ve been stopping by mocha stands, ordering it to […]
  • Get A TattooGet A Tattoo
    When I was in high school, I considered getting a tattoo. Looking back, it seems quite obvious to me that it would have been in eager hopes to connect with the man who I was dating, but I was curious enough to walk into a parlor & look through […]
  • Kayla Itsines FitnessKayla Itsines: My Plan For Action
    I know so many who have a fitness plan of some kind on their bucket list. They want to be more toned, more fit or simply more active. Here is my plan for action, & why I think you might enjoy it as much as I have this past month. It’s […]
  • bucket list, glamping, campingGo Glamping
    Why go glamping? What is Glamping? In short, Glamping is glamorous camping. Instead of sleeping on the floor in a tent, you sleep in a physical bed in a bigger tent. Instead of having nights by the camp fire (though this option is available), you […]
  • bucket listWelcome To Bucket List Bound!
    Hello Readers, & welcome to Bucket List Bound (formerly 2147Miles). It’s been 6 years since the creation of the website! After much thought, a few sleepless nights & months of preparation, I decided to give 2147Miles a branding […]
  • Valentines DayValentines Day
    Valentines Day. You know, I don’t think I had too much of an opinion of this day until just recently. Valentines Day is a love-hate kind of day. Either you love it or you hate it. (This all depends on whether you’re single, believe the […]
  • 2016 Here We Go Intro2016 Here We Go: An Introduction
    At 11 years old, I fell in love with the written word. Enthralled in a children’s novel about a terrifying earthquake, I found myself completely lost in pure black & white; pictures only created with my very own imagination. This ongoing […]
  • You Cannot Change What You Refuse To ConfrontYou Cannot Change What You Refuse To Confront
    Some of you may not know this, but I’m really good at deceiving myself. So good, in fact, that I can convince myself of almost anything. Really. For just a couple of years now, I’ve been living by a quote that has an unknown author. To […]
  • Writer's Bucket ListItems For The Writer’s Bucket List
    As a blogger & freelance writer, I'm constantly looking at ways to expand my writer's bucket list; ways to rejuvenate my writing. From different types of writing to different tools, below are just a few of the list ideas I've come up with over […]
  • Watch All Pixar MoviesWhy Pixar Movies Should Be On Your List
    Have you considered adding “Watch All Pixar Movies” to your bucket list? At this moment, Pixar has released 16 movies out into the world, all under Disney, & each of them comes with their own following. Here are just a few reasons […]
  • Bucket List SuccessThe Path To Bucket List Success
    Bucket list success is incredibly important, especially when you realize that your bucket list is the path to your own success. They are one in the same. It isn’t about how big your goals are or what kind of money you are making off of them. […]
  • Drink More Water9 Reasons To Drink More Water
    Bucket lists aren’t just about the things that you fear, but habits that you want to develop or change. Over the years, I’ve accidentally come across little details here & there about why I should drink more water. Come to find out, […]
  • bucket list, articlesThe ‘Said No One Ever’ Bucket List
    Not great for the list, but good for the soul. You know those moments in life that pass you by & leave a big fat mark on your forehead? The times that rip you to shreds, tear you down, take your lunch money, & have you truly considering that […]
  • Free Your Mind8 Steps To Free Your Mind
    Lately I’ve been over thinking everything. Moments alone can have me digging deeper into a problem or a process than is even worth my time; thoughts are processed before I’ve even completed the thought. I am wasting my time, & […]
  • 9 Extra Steps Toward Career Confidence9 Extra Steps Toward Career Confidence
    Career Confidence!! Just like all aspects of life, sometimes, it’s your career that has you down. Maybe you’re not feeling like you’re worthy of a new title, maybe you’re trying to fight for a new title, or maybe you are just […]
  • bucket list21 Signs You’ve Met Your Match
    I’m well aware that I am very lucky in the boyfriend department. My guy Tim is so incredibly good to me & he certainly deserves to know it. So, in celebration of his upcoming birthday, & also because my readers deserve something new […]
  • lifestyle blog10 Questions Toward The Person Of Your Dreams
    Ten years ago, if you would have asked me how I feel about the opinions of others, I would have told you that I really don’t care. I would have lied, not only because I was embarrassed that I cared so much, but because I was truly hurt by what […]
  • bucket list lifestyle blog6 Lessons From The Voice Auditions
    Just this year, I was lucky enough to visit beautiful Los Angeles for the 2015 The Voice auditions. The process was long & fairly taxing, but it was much more personal than the auditions for American Idol. Here’s what this audition taught […]